Best Meal- A Descriptive essay.

I walked hand in hand with my muscular father alongside my mother towards a world-renowned café. The weathered walls on the entrance were painted a deep bright orange whose surface was embellished with large letters that spelled out ‘The Cracked Mug!’ I was eager to enter but a little turned off by the weather.

Earlier this evening, the skies were gray, bombarded with angry clouds. The sun peeped out of one the many dark collections of moisture, sending a streak of weak light. The wind was strong and forceful determined to push us towards the café. We entered to find large black booths in every corner of the crowded venue. Tall and textured auburn walls separated these cozy arrangements. We placed ourselves in one of the booths and were asked to order our meals but I was too overwhelmed to do so. I ended up requesting the waiter to surprise me.

In the meantime, I stared at the black and white tiles of the matte floor. I tried to unscramble the voice of multiple people talking breathlessly in the dense air. One of these eager voices included the squeaky voice of my little brother who rambled on uselessly about the merits of the place. My brain soon bored so I began to focus on the sizzles of food being made in the hectic kitchen. The plates clinked and clanked against each other whilst being pushed out of a small window. The yelling of the manager soon faded out by the husky voice of the waiter who brought us our desserts.

The stout waiter placed an off white ceramic bowl on the black table. My eager stomach grumbled and I couldn’t help but look down at what would be the best meal in my entire life. My bulging hazel eyes fall onto the steaming hot brownie that sat at the very center of the cream colored surface. Right on top of it, there lay two marvelous scoops of multi-flavored ice cream. One was a dripping yellowish-white scoop with black dots freckled on its surface because of the vanilla bean. The other phenomenal ice cream was a bright brown scoop with minuscule shavings of soft dark chocolate sprinkled on it. An ample dollop of voluptuous whipped cream was placed on to of the ice cream. The creamy delight was completed with a shining crimson ball attached to a maroon stem floating off the top off it. The cherry’s glistening surface reflected my pair of eager eyes that stared hungrily at it.

I picked up the spoon and elegantly pierced through the top, trying my best not to demolish the marvelous masterpiece. As soon as I placed the spoon holding all of the inviting jewels in my mouth, my plump lips tingled at the touch of the cold curved precious metal. My large watering mouth engulfed the food slowly but surely. A soft moan escaped my lips as the flavors swirled in my mouth. Small explosions of sugar busted one after the other. All of my other senses were lost in the heaven I experienced hence the only thing I could possibly focus on was the roller coaster of flavors my mouth experienced. The brownie’s hot airy texture combined with the ice cream’s cold creamy complexion. My shining white teeth busted into the cherry’s soft membrane allowing all of its juices to flow across my mouth. The punches of sour and sweet kicked out of the gelatinous fruit made all of my muscles relax with satisfaction. My entire body felt as though it was in a glorified heaven.

It wasn’t long before I quickly scrambled the entire dessert in my mouth. It was small enough to keep me wanting more but it was large enough to keep me jovially satisfied. My eyes wandered up to the profile of my mom. Her eyes crinkled by the corners as she smiled in absolute delight. He blueberry covered violet teeth flashed displaying complete euphoria. Her deep brown eyes shone like freshly polished wood, and they bulged out of her oval-shaped face craving more delicious food. The folds in her complexion looked age-less in the presence of her massive smile. She placed one final portion of her inviting dish in her mouth. Her eyes shut, as they did every time she took a bite, too weak to respond to the sensations of profuse pleasure. She released a soft exhale from her sharp nose after she opened her eyes She licked the remnants off her mouth very reluctantly with her turquoise stained tongue.

The waiter placed a small bill on the table pushing the reality of the dessert finishing even further into our jovial hearts. His laugh lines grew wider as he saw the pleased looks on our faces, lifting the ginger freckles on his cheeks higher up. He chuckled lightly and whispered ‘It’s so good, it could be a meal’. ‘It was a meal’ I corrected him, ‘and it was the best meal I’ve ever tasted!’ We rose out of our comfortable black booth and walked out of the café. The skies had now turned from frightening to ambient. A swirl of ruby and purple streaks swam in the breezy evening air. That was, most definitely, the best meal I had ever tasted.


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